How It All Began

The Idea  started in  September 12, 2013. For much of its history, Akrho Radio had little and if any... 

As a skeptron, one is constantly in pursue of making a difference and creating  impact-driven initiatives by preparing skeptrons to approach the world with an entrepreneurial. career and leadership mindset. A recreation ground where we all can connect, brainstorm, grow and develop each other. Supporting Akrho Nation Worldwide is and providing individual support to talented, gifted and skilled skeptrons is what Akrho Radio is hoping to achieve. 

Connecting Skeptrons Worldwide is the purpose of the Akrho Radio, to reach out in friendship and dignity.


AKRHO RADIO began in October (14th) of 2014, an experimental open standard project  of AKRHO ORMOC INTERNATIONAL and COUNCIL/AOASAP and Brod Max Co lead by: 

GS Council 2014-16 Bro Mark Barte (FB: Cocoy Vac´z) 2014 - Present

Alumni Coordinators: Brod Dennis Olmedo and Brod Renato Baculi 2014 - Present

EVSU Alpha Zeta Chapter 2014 GS and 2017-19 Akrho Ormoc Supreme Council GS 2014 - Present

GS (EVSU) Alpha Zeta Chapter Bro Jude Sabenecio - AO Council Adviser 2014 - Present

Alumni Officer Bro Reynaldo Limosnero Gucela and GS Loi Arsenal 

Akrho Ormoc Alumni & Akrho Ormoc International  2014 - Present

2014-16 Akrho Ormoc Council Officers & EVSU Alpha Zeta Chapter Officers   2014 - Present

Akrho Ormoc Local Founders/Organizers Bro Amador Daga and Bro Noel Z. Murillo 2014 - Present


In support of AKP Founding Fathers, Founding Mothers, BOT, AKP National and International Councils & Sororities, AKP Collegiates and AKP Communities. It´s primary aim is to create a bridge of communication between our FF, FM, BOT, National & International, Councils, Chapters and to all skeptrons worldwide.

June of 2015, three (3) Akrho-focused, non-partisan groups, merge to create a media channel to provide a trusted source of information, music and entertainment to all skeptrons worldwide. Please join us! FB:



Akrho Ormoc Supreme Council

Akrho Ormoc Alumni and Akrho Ormoc International

Supported by: AKRHO ORMOC ALUMNI & AKRHO ORMOC INTL. 2014 - Present

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Reynaldo Limosnero Gucela

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Trebs Herrera (Akrho Ormoc GS International)

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Eric Sevilla (Akrho Ormoc International)

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Beda Mercado

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Jay Mercado

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Edgar Manawatao

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Junjun Gonzalo (Akrho Ormoc International)

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Loi Arsenal (Akrho Ormoc GS National)

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Ramil Nicanor

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Arman Polangcus

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Ferdinand Gonzales (Akrho Ormoc International)

AOASAP Alumni - Bro  Bords Herrera (Akrho Ormoc International)

AOASAP Alumni - Bro Ramil Nicanor

AOASAP Alumni - Sis Stella Penserga

AOASAP Alumni - Sis Marina Corro

2014-16 AOASAP Council Accounting/ Lead Project Coordinator: Bro Dennis Olmedo

2014-16 AOASAP Council Adviser and AOASAP Moderator: Bro Renato Baculi

Akrho Ormoc Local Founders/Organizers: Bro Noel Z. Murillo and Bro Amador Daga.

Bro Gian Raymond de La Cruz Lovely
of GEESPOT Photography & Videography

Bro Gee Spot with Bro Jher, Bro Nald


Akrho Radio Event Host

Bro Magiting na Pilipino - Akrho Radio Host 2016

Bro Jhonfrix - Akrho Radio Host 2015

Akrho Radio - Philippines

Sis Skeptron Ferrer 

Sis Daylene Maratas 

Brod Shong Sotelo

Bro Jeff Asis 

Bro William Con-ui 

Akrho Ormoc Supreme Council GS


Sis Beth - Contributing Analyst & Marketing 2015 - 2016

Bro Jhunfrix - Contributing Publicist and Reporter 2015-2016

INTERNATIONAL HOST/DJ: AKP Sorority International Council

2016 - 17 AR DJ/PR

Sis Apple (KU), Sis Gy (JP), Sis Rica (KR) and Sis Iris (US)