AKRHO Official ID

Information for applying your AKP ID 

Email: akrhoMITe@alphakapparho1973.com

 Our Mission and Vision

This is created purely for AKP business, your main source of information for all AKP matters, project and activities, memorandum, directives, media promotions and campaign, open discussions on all issues and concern with us as administrators of this group will act as mediators for a free democratic AKP.


Alpha Kappa Rho Doctrine

A-Alive we shall keep the burning fire of our Brotherhood.
L-Love shall be our strength.
P-Power we shall posses.
H-Honor shall we give to our fraternity.
A-Allegiance we shall pledge.

K-Keep & preserve the good name of our fraternity.
A-Always we must defend the good name of our fraternity.
P-Powerful & influential we shall be.
P-Purity is our policy.
A-Aid & assistance we shall give to our brotherhood & sisterhood.

R-Reputation we promise to keep unstained.
H-Humane & humble we shall be.
O-Onwards to success, until our struggle & strength be crowned with victory & glory.


Our Service Principle

1. Service to God
2. Service to Country
3. Service to Family
4. Service to School
5. Service to AKP


Our Rules and Guidelines

1. Your profile information: Your personal information, real name with or without your alias and your own I.D. photo profile.
2. We are govern by our AKP-CBL.
3. Always observe respect and humbleness to fellow Skeptron.
4. We do not allow photo and video pornography posting.
5. No bullying and calling names on open discussions.

AKP NGC's officers 2016-2019 

National Grand Skeptron              Bro. Joel Miguel Lopez
NVGS - Luzon                                Bro. Josel Madarang
NVGS - Mindanao                         Bro. Noel Martizano
Keeper of Scroll                              Bro. Danny Lopez
Keeper of Treasures                       Bro. Danny Godez
Public Information Officer             Bro. Ramon Aganan III
Sgt. at Arms                                    Bro. Rodolfo Cruz
Auditor                                           Bro. Doc. Joseph De Guzman

NGC OFFICE: 872 Sto Tomas St. Sampaloc Manila