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AR AkrhoRadio goes far beyond this...

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Welcome to Akrho Radio

Akrho Radio is led by Brod Gee of GeeSpot Production
We are all Humanitarian Skeptron Volunteers to our great AKP Fraternity and Sorority. We aim to raise awareness about the organization's cause, its purpose, and what it does. We engage and build relationships within the brotherhood and sisterhood, community and contribute to supporting others in the community. -
AR Team

National Sorority                                  2016-17  International Sorority

Remote Island Library Initiatives with Sis Liv of CSS

Lipayran Island, Bantayan Island, Cebu

Sis Liv
Sis Liv
Brod Gee
Bro Chad and Brod Clyde
Brod Shong
Sis Ar
Brod Nald
SisSkepron ARrep
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Bro Jhunfrix Rak en Roll
Brod Dan
Brod Jher
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Sis Maflor


IC Soror/AR Intl Host/DJ
IC Soror/AR Intl Host/DJ
Brod Noli
Sis Beth
Brod Moli
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